September 11, 2001

"We will never forget you"

The following is a guide to packaging your Wizzard for shipping. Please use the same material described if not you might end up with more damage to your Wizzard than what is needed to repair it.


  •  Shipping Box Special

  •  Two pieces of foam 12x12x5 / 12x12x3

  • Bubble Wrap 2ft x24ft

  • Black plastic trash bag

  • Packing Tape

First use a box like this. Can be Purchase at mailbox etc.

Next use a solid block of foam NOT PEANUT SHELL!

Place the foam in the bottom of the box.



Then place rolled up bubble wrap 2ftx3ft on all four sides of foam, bubbles facing out.


Next wrap the Wizzard in a Black Plastic trash bag. Tape securely

Place the Wizzard in the box.

Place two more rolled up bubble wrap 2ftx6ft in front of Wizzard

Next place another block of  3 inch thick foam on top of Wizzard

Last place your paperwork INSIDE BOX, you would not believe how many Wizzards arrive with no paperwork

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