September 11, 2001

"We will never forget you"


Thanks for taking the time to view this. The following pictures will show you the steps taken to perform a Preventive Maintenance Service on a Wizzard XL.

On average your Wizzard should be serviced every 1800 hours or 18 months which ever comes first. To insure this is done correctly the Wizzard must be completely torn down to the bare frame each part cleaned and inspected. All broken, worn or missing parts are replaced. Contact customer for authorization if additional parts are required. The wizzard is then reassembled and Squared and Aligned using a Special Factory Jig Fixture. Your Wizzard is then put through a series of diagnostics test to insure it meets Original Factory Specifications. Once completed your Wizzard is run for 24 hour and a job is setup and engraved 1000 times. This will guarantee your Wizzard will run trouble free for months to come.

This takes only one day to complete. We suggest you look at our Shipping FAQ for important information on how to properly ship your Wizzard.

We ONLY use Fed-ex as UPS has Damaged Several Engravers over the last 2 years. Cost to ship 3 day Insured for $3000, is $127.00 from W.Va. (just shipped one back there) so figure shipping into total cost of Service.

A complete Preventive Maintenance Service is $495.00. The following parts are included.
New Set of Motor Brushes
New Drive Belt
New Keyboard Overlay (if required)
Nylon Adjust Screw (if required)
All Screws & Washers missing from Wizzard





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